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TheLocker, a new sports social media and e-commerce platform, is connecting athletes across the world by giving them the ability to express their athletic identity and share and purchase sports products from a single platform.

TheLocker was founded by two-time New England professional lacrosse player of the year, Sean Morris. Morris teamed up with business partner Mark Donovan, a former collegiate lacrosse player, to create a social media platform for athletes to promote their athletic abilities and connect with other athletes.

“TheLocker gives players the ability to showcase their talents via social media. A players profile may consist of stats, photos, specific gear they use and we will soon be adding a feature for players to upload highlight videos,” said Morri

TheLocker, unlike other social media platforms, allows users to share what equipment they prefer using. In doing so, users are capable of purchasing the sports apparel/equipment directly from the website.

The use of this new form of e-commerce being incorporated with social media will modernize the overall sports equipment, apparel and footwear business model. The site has the potential to flare up in a Pinterest-like fashion which would leave athletes browsing sports equipment for hours.

TheLocker was launched in April 2014 and currently has an estimated 1,500 users.

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