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Real Time Athletes

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Real Time Athletes Inc. has created cloud-based solutions and mobile-apps that connects 12 different entities in sports business.  The platform seamlessly connects following entities in sports ecosystem - Fans, Athletes/Players, Parents, Team-manager, Team-coach, college-coach/recruiter, Trainers, Scouts, Promoters, Camp directors, Tournament directors, Skill Evaluators and sports media. Each module functions independently and also share data with other modules in order to offer a complete bouquet of products & services to customers. The brands under which we offer these solutions are,,,, and few others.

TourneyEngine is a complete online tournament and league management software that supports every aspect of event planning, organisation, management and fulfilment.

AthPro Fan app complements TourneyEngine for fans to follow, track and engage with events.

AthPro360 is player, parent, team-manager and team-coach profiling platform.

AthPro360Camps is for managing skill evaluation and testing camps.

AthTrain360 is for elearning for sports as well as for publishing news/articles with video & audio content that can be monetized with PayWall solution.

AthPro360Sports is the media business.

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