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Propeaq premium light glasses are the future in wearable light therapy, made to Boost Energy | Increase Performance | Improve Health | Prevent Jetlag | Better Sleep, in 20-30 minutes a day due to its integrated blue LEDs and changeable colored glasses. Almost 200 Olympic athletes used Propeaq premium light glasses in Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018. Propeaq glasses are the future in wearable light therapy.

Propeaq can be commercialized in 5 segments:

- Health/ Medical aid shops for people suffering from winter blues/ SAD/ fatigue / sleeping disorder

- National Sports associations/ team doctors for pro athletes for that extra 2-3 % to win

- Consumer electronics for a natural energy boost

- Aviation/ airports for jet lag prevention for travelers

- Corporates for high performing professional/ for employees in shift-working / healthcare



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