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MOCAP Analytics

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MOCAP Analytics is a Silicon Valley tech startup co-founded in 2011 by Caltech PhDs. We have been working with player tracking data since the Golden State Warriors became one of the first teams to adopt the enabling technology and we have become leaders in analyzing player tracking and related data. MOCAP comprises a small but growing team of experienced and enthusiastic leaders in sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. We bring pedigree from some of the finest academic institutions and premier sports franchises. We’ve thrown touchdown passes in the NFL, struck out big league hitters, developed mathematical algorithms used to look for new planets, changed the way physiologists view the beating heart, and created over a billion dollars of shareholder value. Now we’re focused on changing the way people think about, and view, sports. Our goal is to develop the premier sports analytics platform for performance tracking and fan engagement. Technology is our focus and sports is our passion!

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