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HOLODIA is specializing in interactive, immersive virtual reality solution in the areas of sports, well being and health. Our leitmotiv is to meet future challenges and opportunities of these markets by providing high value-added leading edge technology for virtual reality, the next crucial technological revolution after the Internet.

HOLODIA is the first company in the world to provide a virtual reality fitness and sports solution free of motion sickness, a major constraint linked to virtual reality. The starting point: who has never once been bored while using gym equipment?

This serious difficulty leads often to abandoning the practice of sport. We offer a possibility to immerse fully in exceptional environments, living through a unique experience when wonder, change of scenery and competition do not leave any place to boredom. Imagine biking through Ancient Babylon or rowing down the Venice canals! A comprehensive system of performance follow-up and virtual coaching offer a valuable assistance for goal achievement by users.

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