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Description: is a technology company that provides entertaining and gamified solutions to help people take better care of themselves. HeiaHeia offers a free personal wellness motivator for individual users and an all-in-one workplace wellness platform for the modern employer.

Physical inactivity and lifestyle disease are a growing issue in most developed economies. Tools and means for fighting this issue cater for a market worth billions of dollars. Just the average cost of work days lost due to lack of physical activity is up to thousands of dollars per employee every year. HeiaHeia provides a highly cost-efficient, proven solution to this problem.

Hundreds of employers and numerous insurance and wellness companies worldwide have chosen HeiaHeia as the SaaS platform for their wellness programs. Customers range from small and medium businesses (SMB) to large organizations and include multinationals such as PepsiCo, Ricoh, Ericsson, Nordea, and Janssen (Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceuticals).

HeiaHeia's platform improves wellness program participation rates, makes healthy behavior changes more measurable, and creates a social community around healthy lifestyles. It is available as an online service with native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. HeiaHeia is privately owned and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with business operations in the USA, the UK, and Sweden.

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