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The flaik Sports Group uses proprietary location, analytics and engagement tools to deliver exceptional solutions to its partners.

flaik Ski School is the leading customer engagement, operational management, and analytics tool for ski schools. With over 2.5 million students and instructors tracked since launch, flaik has morphed into a complete marketing, management, and analytics platform that allows ski schools to utilize a range of closed loop-marketing tools to drive incremental revenue, provide timely responsiveness to guest feedback, improve operational efficiency and increase instructor accountability.

Pro Connect by flaik is an amazing tool that connects ski school management with their Pros and Pros with their guests. From simplifying on-boarding to dynamic evaluations and in-depth analytics, Pro Connect enables school’s to streamline existing processes, reducing administration overheads and ensuring more time on the hill. Coupled with this is the ability for Pros to connect directly with their guests, complete online report cards and get critical feedback from guests on their performance.

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