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FanWide – World’s Largest Fan Club Network

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FanWide is the world's largest fan club network!  Visit

1,500 Teams & Leagues | 10,000 Bars & Restaurants | 12,500 Fan & Alumni Clubs | 900,000 Fan Club Events

FanWide provides a free digital platform for fan clubs which helps remote sports fans find a local game watch party at a sports bar for any team in any city. Millions of out-of-market fans can use FanWide to find the closest community event for their favorite team wherever they are living or traveling. Fans check in for deals from the bar, sponsors, or to earn FanChain cryptocurrency tokens (backed by the NFLPA, NBA’s David Stern, Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, and many other top names in sports), which can be spent on apparel, tickets or other sports experiences.

Fan clubs and alumni associations use FanWide's digital platform to expand their network, organize events, communicate with local fans, report attendance data, enter contests, collect donations, and activate food or drink discounts from the event host or team sponsors. Sports bars pay FanWide to bring them new customers and promote their events.

Sports teams and leagues as well as athletes and influencers can use FanWide's Sports Data Platform to grow their audience, analyze fan engagement, and develop new fan clubs, and all of FanWide’s services can be integrated within the team’s website or app. FanWide also measures out-of-home (OOH) TV viewership for tens-of-millions of fans attending these events, which helps broadcasters and leagues increase their total viewing audience size.  This data also allows us to build in-depth profiles about sports betters and their habits.

FanWide also offers sponsors a new targeted marketing channel through its digital platform, and on-site activations during thousands of in-person events which function like a "virtual stadium", allowing sponsors to engage any team’s most loyal fans in any city. FanWide's network allows teams and brands to offer merchandise, game tickets, and other digital or physical goods to these fan clubs, in exchange for information.

FanWide was founded in 2016 by former Microsoft, Google and Amazon engineers with a passion for sports, and the company has four patents pending. Long-term FanWide wants to provide the world's leading platform to automatically connect hosts with fans of any interest group, including esports, gaming, TV shows, politics, trivia and more.

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