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At Peak Sports

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AT PEAK is a mobile sports and fitness platform. AT PEAK works with premiere sports medicine doctors in the country to deliver age, gender and sport-specific athletic training to "the rest of us."

Training with AT PEAK powers individual performance and team performance. Whatever your goals in playing sports, it's much more difficult to achieve them when you are sidelined by an injury. Tracking reduced injuries and improved performance is quantifiable with AT PEAK. Everyone from sports leagues administrators to everyday sports league members can benefit from AT PEAK.

AT PEAK is starting with a mobile app for injury prevention and increasing athletic performance in youth sports. Over 40 million kids play at least 1 sport each year—often 2 or more—resulting in 10+ million injuries/year and $30B+ in healthcare costs. Training with AT PEAK will help reduce the sports injury rate (a CDC report says that sports injuries can be reduced by up to 50% with the types of training and workouts AT PEAK provides). And decreasing the sports injury rate will drive $ billions of unnecessary spend out of the healthcare system (and help decrease family doctor bills, too).

AT PEAK is also working with leading companies in the insurance industry to reward sports leagues for promoting safe sports and actively partnering with AT PEAK to reduce injuries and enhance player performance in a quantifiable way.

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