Vaidehi Vaidya

Founder President @ Women in Sport

Originally an engineer, Vaidehi has always had an inclination towards sports. During her engineering years she started playing football and fell in love with the game and so decided to make her career in sports by doing a unique course of MBA in Football Industries from University of Liverpool. She is the only women to do this course in India till date.
She now works as a Brand developer and Social Media strategist for Athletes and Sports organisations. Her expertise lie in creative content and out-of-box Branding campaigns. She believes in ‘humanization’ of the Brands. As a football player herself, she understands the intricate parts on being a player and therefore she works ‘with’ them on a personal level.

She is founder of Women in Sport, India (WISI in short), a first platform for women in sport in India and is uniquely qualified consultant and adviser for Women’s Sports. She is also a member of first official FIFA Fan Forum. In the past she has worked as a football development consultant with Asian Football Development Project, founded by Prince Ali of Jordan, on projects all over Asia.