Scott Wenkart

Founder and Managing Director @ Showdown

Scott is the founder and Managing Director of Showdown.

Showdown has been a major driver in bringing media into gaming. In 2013 Twitch.TV partnered with Showdown to provide Twitch with a local presence. Prior to Twitch, Scott launched and built teams to develop the media businesses for IGN Asia and EA Games Media.

Scott has dedicated his career to the adoption of technologies to enable meaningful communication for both communities and brands.

Through the success and growth of Twitch, Scott and his teams at showdown have been able to connect twitch’s revolutionary live stream platform to a community that has evolved from gamers watching live game play to the largest live social video platform & live esports platform globally.

Showdown now operates several business units including the Twitch.TV Media, an esports division running programs and leagues including Throwdown esports, and  Showdown Studios which provides live broadcast studios and production  for eSports and content creators.