Robert Slijk

Founder and Owner @ Remiqz Football Analytics

Football and statistics have always been an obsession for me. From the moment I began to walk, I played football. Although I didn’t have the skills to reach the top, the motivation drove me to learn the logics of the game. Being blessed with a knack for math, I continued to try to find correlations in the data to improve the odds of winning. I noticed that a lot of important decisions taken at football clubs were based on personal experiences and gut feelings. It was my ambition to change the mindset within clubs, helping them interpret the right data, and become more innovative organisations. As a result, I founded Remiqz in 2006.

Remiqz helps clubs, agents and other organisations within the football industry to:

  • Optimize the scouting and transfer process
  • Increase objective decision making by enhancing predictability
  • Maximize performance with available resources
  • Transform into data-driven, innovative organisations