Ramakrishnan Subramanian

Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ SportMechanics

Ramakrishnan Subramanian, most fondly known as ‘Ramky’ in the sporting world, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SportMechanics.

Leaving behind a stable career in Banking, Ramky’s perseverance and dedication towards binding technology, and data with sports became reality in 2006, when he founded SportsMechanics, a sports data analytics organisation assiduously working towards digitising the operational activities of sporting bodies and teams, and driving talent identification program, talent monitoring, talent development, designing new revenue streams, and most importantly growing the fan/consumer base by leveraging the structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and the new age channels. This indeed, helped sporting bodies, and teams reduce operational expense whilst increasing the efficiency of the operations.

This paved the way for Ramky to drive game strategies for Indian Cricket Team leveraging game video and data to deploy strategic plans to outsmart the opponents and enhancing player’s performance. Ramky is the first video and data strategist to be associated with Indian Cricket Team, and is acknowledged as a pioneer in this space. His invaluable contribution to the success of the Indian Cricket went on for more than a demi-decade.

More to this, soon after Ramky’s decision to focus on other sports, SportsMechanics reached new avenues, the team under his stellar leadership went on to launch state-of-the-art solutions that delivers unprecedented experience to the stakeholders in sporting ecosystem that includes the fans and consumer of the sport, and most importantly, directly contributing to the top-line and bottom line growth of the sporting bodies, teams, broadcasters, media, and brands, making it all possible by leveraging the gamut of data that is created by the sporting eco-system.

A sneak preview of one of his achievements (video analysis) in his career was scripted in the most recent box office hit Bollywood movie.