Professor David James

Managing Director @ LABOSPORT

Professor David James is a leading figure in the world of sports engineering and technology. He is the Managing Director of Labosport Ltd, the President of the International Sports Engineering Association, and holds a title of Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University.

Labosport is a large, multi-national sports engineering consultancy and laboratory. The company supports the continuous improvement of sport infrastructures around the world with a focus on safety, performance, durability and environmental sustainability.

David has been working in the field of sports engineering for 20 years and has sustained a significant contribution to research and knowledge transfer through a myriad of projects with sports companies and federations. In 2018, David was awarded the title of Professor of Sports Engineering (Sheffield Hallam University Personal Chair).

David is the current elected President of the International Sports Engineering Association. He has led the organisation through incorporation to become a Charitable Company, and has coordinated a significant expansion of educational activities. Acting in the role of editor-in-chief, David has organised numerous international conferences on sports engineering.

David is a champion for public engagement in research. More than 1 million individuals have directly connected with his public engagement activities as either participants or audiences. David has worked tirelessly to reposition science and engineering as a part of mainstream culture through major projects including exhibitions, lecture tours, public debates, theatre, school workshops and public art.