Pratik Saraogi

CoFounder & CEO @ Actofit Wearables

A sports and fitness enthusiast by make, Pratik has always been a firm believer that technology and advanced analytics create a winning edge. This is what inspired him to start Actofit Wearables, a hardware and software platform for motion analytics, physiological parameter mapping and correlating strength and conditioning data with real time performances and progress.

Since its three years of initiation, the Company has a manufacturing presence in China, a strong algorithms and software team in India and a consumer base spread over 80 countries.

Pratik plays a key role in global business development, strategy, platform developments, analytics and use cases for Actofits patentable technologies. Prior to starting Actofit, he worked in finance & marketing for equity brokerage houses and real estate development firms in India.

He studied management in Purdue, Indiana, Law from Mumbai University and did a Sports Entrepreneurship program at UCLA, California.