Michael Conlan

Regional Director for Oceania @ HUDL

Michael Conlan joined the Carlton Football Club in 2007 as the team’s Football Technology Coordinator. The role was created as the coaching department saw a need for extra support; both back office and on matchday. This role evolved into a Performance Analyst position where he worked in close collaboration with coaching, recruiting and the football department. Michael worked with coaches to help develop weekly / yearly strategies and to identify key target areas for growth. On matchdays, Michael took the lead on how technology impacted both players and coaches while tracking performance of matchday tactics.

At the end of the 2011 AFL season, Michael joined Sportstec in their elite support team. In this role, he worked with professional teams across Australasia and the rest of the world. Michael worked with teams across multiple sports ranging from every single AFL team to the Socceroos.

Michael has worked as a Matchday Consultant on live analysis solutions with the overall goal being to increase matchday efficiency and impact change live during play.

Michael Conlan is now the Regional Director for Oceania at Hudl. Hudl is a US-based sporting software company leading the market in video analysis technology. Hudl acquired Sportstec in May 2015.