Michael Broughton

Business Technology, Innovation & Investment Strategy @ FIFA

Michael joined FIFA in 2018 as part of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Division. He leads Strategy for how FIFA interacts and utilises technology to enhance and grow its business operations.  As such, he holds the strategic relationship with the big data and tech companies globally. In addition he is responsible for the investment strategy within the organisation and how it embraces the start-up and early stage sports ecosystem.

He joined from Sports Investment Partners (SIP) where he was a co-Founder in Europe’s first Sports focussed investment vehicle.  Within SIP he led the companies approach to new technologies and disruptive business models to uncover new ways for sports businesses to grow.

Prior to starting SIP he spent time with Nolan Partners working with Chairmen and Chief Executives to enhance their executive teams and also in Motorsports where he worked with preeminent sponsors such as Lucky Strike and Diageo manage their sports assets.