Marques Colston

Managing Partner @ The Players' Impact

A Super Bowl Champion, and the all-time leading wide receiver in New Orleans Saints history, Marques Colston is an entrepreneur, currently serving as the Founder and Managing Partner of Dynasty Innovation, a strategy and execution firm focused on marketing, branding, sports, and education. Marques is also Co-Founder and Partner at Delta Venture Partners, a Philadelphia-based venture development firm focused on early stage tech-enabled companies in sports, entertainment, and hospitality.

Additionally, Colston is an investor and advisor to various early stage companies with a focus on sports and technology, and his pursuits have been featured in Inc. Magazine, CNBC, and Fox Business.

Colston is a lead consultant for the Center for Innovation at Virtua Health systems, and also serves on the Advisory Board for the One Team Collective, a sports technology accelerator run by the NFLPA