Hiroaki Hobara

Research Scientist @ AIST

Dr. Hiroaki Hobara is a senior researcher at the National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokyo, Japan. He received his PhD in Human Sciences from Waseda University (2008), and completed his post-doctoral training at National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (Japan), and University of Maryland, College Park (USA). Dr. Hobara received Promising Young Scientist Award from International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) in 2013. He performed several invited lectures in academic conferences, such as ISB, ISBS, i-FAB, ISEK, TSB, KSSB, VISTA and ECSS. Over the last 10 years Dr. Hobara published more than 50 refereed journal papers and 80 refereedinternational conference proceedings regarding jump mechanics, amputee locomotion and prosthetic sprinting.