Dr. Phil Wagner

CEO & Founder @ Sparta Science

Dr. Phil Wagner is the CEO & Founder of Sparta Science, a Silicon Valley company driven by the pursuit of human resilience. Founded in 2008, Sparta Science is now the leader in Force Data Visualization for more than 50 organizations worldwide- including sports organizations across all levels, the government, and the medical community.

Phil began his career as a strength and conditioning coach at University of California, Berkeley and University of California, Los Angeles. He continued to develop his data driven process for objective training methodology to guide teams to 3 National Championships.

While in medical school at University of Southern California, Phil and his colleagues  published several peer-reviewed articles in the school’s biokinesiology lab that addressed inaccuracy of physical evaluation and injury risk mitigation techniques practiced in the field.

As CEO and thought leader in this emerging technology, Sparta Science is shaping the way human movement is visualized. Sparta Science continues to add to its war chest of patents and technology that provides objective assessments. Using Sparta’s software, individuals generate a unique Movement Signature™ in under 60 seconds. Based on this signature, the software accurately identifies injury risk and recommends exercise regimens to reduce injuries and maximize physical performance. With Phil’s leadership, Sparta Science continues to develop its platform and expand its reach across different markets.