David Turik


David Turik has over 30 years experience in combining sports, music and technology commencing as a co-founder of NetComm Cellular, with NetComm Racing using cellular modems to send engine analytics to the pit crew. Turik trialed the initial miking of NHL Official’s through to more recently introducing the concept of the “NHL Situation Room” to the NRL, which became the “NRL Bunker.”

As the CEO of ARIVAL, which brings fans into the game like never before, using AR to visualize real-time player data and gamification.

David Turik has held several public, private and non-profit board appointments and senior roles across Telco, IT, sports, humanitarian and charitable organizations, including recently joining the Australian board of Global Citizen, the social advocacy group that through a strategy of “Pop and Policy” has gained over 35B USD in commitments by world governments to help eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.