Darren Kwan

Founding President @ Australian Esports Association

Darren is the founding president of the Australian Esports Association being a passionate advocate for esports, driving the recognition and respect of esports he saw the need to support the growth of esports and introduce good governance. Previously he had been involved in the financial sector overseeing investment portfolios and acquisitions exceeding $!00m’s in value. He leads the AESA with over 16 years of esports experience that includes competing, advocating (including presenting the emergence of esports at a TedX event in 2010), leadership, development, planning, execution and event experience.
Darren was the driving force for Australian membership to the international Esports Federation and holds broad connections in the esports community with relationships spanning the globe.
He is currently the Executive Producer for the Esports Broadcast Group, a multi-regional esports organisation with operations throughout South-East Asia. Providing quality oversight, partner relationships, strategy and development.