Anne Marie Harrison


Anne Marie Harrison was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) in August 2006 following seven years living and working in Scotland. Whilst she has overall responsibility for the organisation much of her day to day work is often outside the direct operations of the VIS business of working with athletes. Anne Marie liaises with NSO/SSA partners, the ASC and State Government to secure and enhance funding for our programs & services, discusses and influences policy decisions and developments with the other SIS/SAS/AIS and keeping the Board & Government informed of our progress against our strategic plan.

Anne Marie was until recently also the Chairman of the National Elite Sports Council (NESC) which is a coterie of the Directors of each of the State and Territory Institutes of Sport, including the AIS. Anne Marie came to the position at the VIS from the role as the inaugural Executive Director of the Scottish Institute of Sport. Anne Marie established the organisation which was based on the VIS model and had overall management and leadership responsibility. Her time in Scotland culminated in 2006 in Melbourne with the then most successful Commonwealth Games ever by the country; finishing in 6th place on the medal table with 29 medals including 11 gold.

Prior to that she completed six years as the Chief Executive Officer of Vicsport. Anne Marie has worked in the sports industry for 35 years covering the spectrum of; National & State Sporting Organisations (10 years in the sport of gymnastics), the Olympic movement and Peak Agencies. She has a good understanding of the requirements of the industry from a sporting organisation perspective, elite coaches and athletes, together with the demands from government, the media and sporting community in general. Anne Marie has been appointed to a number of Boards and Advisory Bodies over her career including and has also presented a number of papers at forums and conferences.

Anne Marie has attended four Summer and two Winter Olympic Games, three Paralympic Games and six Commonwealth Games.