Aaron Reynolds

Director & Co-owner @ Pernix

Aaron is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Cullinan Group, the parent company of sports data advisory service provider Pernix. Pernix has worked alongside professional sports clubs and organisations to deliver a High Performance Sports Analytics platform that supports coaches, trainers and commercial teams. Pernix’s approach is to be “Smarter with Data” resulting in data-driven insights that transform organisations. Services include data warehousing, BI and analytics, high performance sports analytics and advanced sEMG wearables for athlete performance and personal fitness.

As a dynamic, results-focused and a highly experienced senior business and government advisor, Aaron has a long history of success driving change and innovation within large global organisations and Government. He currently also holds the position of SA Council Treasurer at the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and has previously worked as the General Manager for Strategy and Innovation at Datacom Systems, and as a Client Systems Manager at IBM.