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AnalyticsInSport Expert Panels connects business to subject-matter-experts for smarter, faster decisions across the Sports, Media, Technology and Entertainment landscape. Our Expert network is a membership-based services with a proven track-record of solving real-world problems in across a diverse array of industries, especially in data, digital, technology and sports legal specialist areas. Stadiums, Live Venues, Sports Leagues & Federations, Broadcasters, Teams and Clubs and Retailers rely on our Expert Panel to connect them efficiently and intelligently with subject-matter-experts across all industries and regions, helping them sharpen their thinking, make decisions and drive business forward in Sports, Media, Technology and Entertainment. AnalyticsInSport Expert Panels allow for 1x1 consultations and primary research to gain competitive advantage.

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Predictive Game Analytics

Fan Resources

Player Solutions

Real-Time Tracking

Broadcast & TV

Statistical Trends

Fantasy & eSports

Sports Data Risks

Brands, Media & Sponsors

Professional Clubs & Franchises

Bettors & Bookmakers

Biomechanics & Analytics

Business & Sports Technology

Sports Engineering & Data Science

Wearables & Injury Prevention

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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